A-ECO Fixed ø 100 semiflexible bollards

A-Eco semi-flexible bollards fixed are made of a plastic material that provides limited flexibility. In case of impact and not overcoming its flexibility, the bollard returns to its original position without any deformation. In case of overcoming these degrees, the bollard returns to its position with possible deformation in its appearance, they do not break like conventional plastic, iron or cast iron, thus making them a very economical and durable solution.

With this type of bollards we avoid possible personal injury and we achieve a better appearance at the installation site.

Its low cost makes it the ideal solution for new installations and replacement of existing broken iron bollards. By having the same appearance as A-Flex bollards, they can be combined with each other, thus reducing the cost of installation.

Its economical price allows you to install this option instead of iron or cast iron.

models aeco fixes
measures aeco bollards


  • Diameter: ø 100 mm.
  • Visual height: 865 mm.
  • Total height: 1060 mm.


  • color negro PECHN
  • color verde PECHV
  • color rojo PECHR
  • color amarillo PECHA

100% recyclable.

Not painted. Doesn't rust. Maintenance-free.

Limited flexibility.

Pleasant touch.

High resistance to many solvents, oils and greases.

Aesthetically identical to metal bollards.

High resistance to abrasion.

Optional accessories:

● Bespoken special designs.

● Non-standard colors (RAL colors, Corten imitation).

● Road signs adaptation.

● Ring for chains.

● Customized logo.

● Reflective strips in other colors.