a-eco DT screw ø 100 semiflexible bollards

A-Eco DT semi-flexible bollards (with double reflective tape) are made of a plastic material that provides limited flexibility, in case of impact and not overcoming its flexibility, the bollard returns to its original position without any deformation. Semi-flexible bollard with black plastic base to screw into the ground, base specially designed for our semi-flexible A-Eco bollard with central bolt. Easy installation by having a single screw that must be threaded into the pavement, without losing the characteristics of the A-ECO bollard.

A-Eco DT semiflexible bollards screw
measures A-Eco DT semiflexible bollards screw


  • Diameter: ø 100 mm.
  • Visual height: 865 mm.
  • Total height: 975 mm.



Fixing wrench for bollard A-Flex to screw.


100% recyclable.

Not painted. Doesn't rust. Maintenance-free.

Limited flexibility.

Pleasant touch.

High resistance to many solvents, oils and greases.

Aesthetically identical to metal bollards.

High resistance to abrasion.

Double Level 2 reflective tape improving the visibility of the bollard.

Optional accessories :

● Bespoken special designs.

● Non-standard colors (RAL colors, Corten imitation).

● Road signs adaptation.

● Ring for chains.

● Customized logo.

● Reflective strips in other colors.