A-Flex Flexible bollards screwable solar leds ø 100

A-Blen flexible light bollard, an innovative and highly resistant solution for delimiting areas and providing road signage. Made of high quality polyurethane plastic, this bollard features a solar LED beacon on top, making it an efficient and sustainable option.

Installation of the A-Blen flexible bollard is quick and easy. Its design incorporates a central bottom screw that allows it to be securely fixed to the ground. The screw-on system requires only a single screw that is screwed into the pavement, which facilitates the installation process without compromising the characteristics and strength of the bollard.

In addition to its durability and ease of installation, the A-Blen luminous flexible bollard offers an additional lighting function thanks to the solar LED beacon on top. This feature allows for improved visibility at night, increasing safety for both drivers and pedestrians.


  • Diameter: ø 100 mm
  • View height: 865 mm

Virtually unbreakable.

100% recyclable.

Not painted. Do not rust. Maintenance-free.

Memory bollards, in case of impact they return to their original shape and position.

Pleasant to the touch.

High resistance to oils, greases and many solvents.

High resistance to abrasion.

Aesthetically identical to metal bollards.

Excellent impact resistance and flexibility over a wide temperature range.

Optional accessories:

● Special designs tailor-made.

● Non-standard colors (RAL colors, Corten imitation).

Adaptation for road signs.

Chain ring.

● Customized logo.

Reflective strips in yellow.