Flexible bollards a-flex leds with low consumption LEDs on the upper part (12 v). A-flex leds bollards made of polyurethane plastic, which after receiving an impact return to their original shape and position exceeding 90º without causing any deformation.
A-flex led bollard that offers great illumination on public roads with a very low electrical cost.

aflex led
aflex led measures


  • Diámetro: ø 100 mm.
  • Altura vista: 885 mm.
  • Altura total: 1080 mm.

Standard finishes:

  • A-Flex black with white upper led.- PFLEXHNLB
  • A-Flex black with red upper led.- PFLEXHNLR


  • Double reflective strip.
  • Possibility of choosing different colors of RGB LEDs as well as patterns and operating sequences.
colores leds pilona a-flex

Practically unbreakable.

100% recyclable.

Not painted. Doesn't rust. Maintenance-free.

Memory bollard; in case of an impact, it returns to its original shape and position.

Pleasant touch.

High resistance to many solvents, oils and greases.

Aesthetically identical to metal bollards.

Excellent impact resistance and flexibility on a wide range of temperatures.

High resistance to abrasion.

Optional accessories:

● Bespoken special designs.

● Non-standard colors (RAL colors, Corten imitation).

● Road signs adaptation.

● Ring for chains.

● Customized logo.

● Reflective strips in other colors.