Flexible bollards A-Flex DT Fixed for Bike Lanes ø80

The flexible bollards A-Flex DT ø 80 for bike lanes (with double milling and two reflective tapes), are manufactured with a formulation of materials, which upon receiving an impact, the bollard returns to its original shape and position. Becoming a practically indestructible bollard.

Their rigidity is related to the place where they are installed, and they can prevent the passage of vehicles in pedestrian areas or simply flexing after the impact of a vehicle warning the driver that he is deviating from the road.


  • Diameter: ø 80 mm.
  • Visual height: 865 mm.
  • Total height: 1060 mm.
aflex dt 80 fixed

Practically unbreakable.

100% recyclable.

Not painted. Doesn't rust. Maintenance-free.

Memory bollard; in case of an impact, it returns to its original shape and position.

Pleasant touch.

High resistance to many solvents, oils and greases.

Aesthetically identical to metal bollards.

Excellent impact resistance and flexibility on a wide range of temperatures.

High resistance to abrasion.

Double Level 2 reflective tape improving the visibility of the bollard.

Optional accessories:

● Bespoken special designs.

● Non-standard colors (RAL colors, Corten imitation).

● Road signs adaptation.

● Ring for chains.

● Customized logo.

● Reflective strips in other colors.