Flexible and semiflexible bollards

We are specialists in the installation and manufacture of bollards. We manufacture flexible and semi-flexible bollards ideal for delimiting spaces, bike lanes, separating traffic lanes, parking spaces or simply to protect spaces from pedestrians.

Flexible bollards

A-Flex polyurethane flexible bollards are those that return to their original shape and position after receiving an impact. We can distinguish between two models of flexible bollards. Those that only incorporate one reflective strip and those that contain two. We can also find the specific model to install on bike lanes.

Flexible Bollards
semiflexible bollards

Semiflexible Bollards

Semiflexible bollards are manufactured with a new plastic material that provides a limited flexibility. In case of an impact in their maximum flexibility point, it returns to its original position without any distortion.

light bollards

Flexible or semi-flexible bollards with LEDs in the upper part, to improve the visibility of urban roads, bike lanes, parking lots … or as a decorative element in cities.

aflex led installed