Bike path A-resist bollards

High resistant and high visibility A-Resist flexible bollards for bike paths are one of our new innovative bollards manufactured from materials never used before for bollards. The properties of these materials make possible that, when the bollard receive any impact, it returns to its initial shape and position, which makes it practically unbreakable. Flexible bollards for bike path are ideals to protect cyclists and pedestrians.

Hardness Recommanded uses
 High (H) Installation in places with high impact risk. Roads, highways, signalization, …


High resistance and flexibility A-Resist bollards for cycle lane removable a-Resist base Download PDF file
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Installation-red-DT-flexible-bollards-cycle-lane sagrada familia Baliza bike line Hospital San Pau y la Creu
 Installation-red-DT-flexible-bollards-cycle-lane  Installation-red-DT-flexible-bollards-cycle-lane