A-Eco semi flexible bollards are made of a new plastic material allowing a limited flexibility. In case of impact, and if its point of maximum flexibility is not exceeded it returns to its original position without any distortion. In case of overcoming this maximum flexibility, it doesn’t break like conventional plastic, iron or cast iron, making it a very economical solution.

With this kind of bollards, we avoid possible injuries to people and we get a better appearance in the place of installation. Its low cost makes it the ideal solution for new installations and the replacement of broken existing iron bollards. Having the same appearance as the A-Flex bollards, they can be combined. This reduces the installation’s costs thanks to its economical price.


A-Eco semi flexible bollards removable a-Resist base  




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Over metal bollards Over plastic bollards
  • Lower weight
  • Lower noise
  • Corrosion resistance
  • No maintenance
  • No fragility
  • Elastomeric memory
  • Abrasion resistance


A-eco-semi-flexible-bollards-installed A-resist-eco-semi-flexible-bollards-insallted-car-crushed
 A-eco-semi-flexible-bollards-installed  bolardos-semi-flexibles-a-eco-instaladas